five day week...

My first week was four days, the next two weeks are both four days, but this week....this week was FIVE whole days :)

I have our schedule down and have been doing much better this week with timing and executing!  My brain is tired tonight, so it's going to be short.  We all survived and went home...even with the snow :-D

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!


well, we survived...

We made it!  Four days of school and I have not been this exhausted for a long time :)  I stayed until 4:45pm planning and copying necessities for next week.  I do love this job, I really do.  Planning for the week that is coming spurs my excitement!  Yes, I was tired at 3pm when I walked my class of students to their buses, but the empty room, organizing all the little things, and making fresh copies certainly sparks my interest in the next week!  I have been blessed to have a great experienced teacher who continues to mentor me.  I am grateful for his insights and encouragements.  He has been a blessing in coaching me how to best acclimate myself to this classroom, to continue to build the team, and discipline the students appropriately.  While I'm sure I could write about what we did this week, I am feeling exhausted and will probably go to bed soon, yes it's only 7pm, but I have some photos to share with you :)

The teacher whom I am subbing for had the paper and border up,
but nothing was up.  We are supposed to post our weekly objectives
so they are visible.  The other fifth grade teacher helped me with this idea.
Using page protectors and printing the objectives each week!  My Cricut
provided the labels and when I create my objective card format, I'll post that also.

The students found these on their desks when they came
on Tuesday.  I used Doodlecharms to create the stockings
then I taped a pencil to the back :)  I thought they were cute!

What you need to know is that "space chair" is AWESOME.
The chair is from Ikea and has a sweet story.  The cushions were
recovered by my AMAZING mama.  It has become a favorite spot
for the students to read!  Thanks Mama

Have a happy weekend :)  Our first wedding anniversary is on Sunday!  Thankfully I will have my school work all done and we can have a great day together.  Oh, wait.  It's football season... :)


in preparation...

I really enjoy using my cricut!  Since I had the winter break to play...I did :)  Among various items, I found myself making four folders, which you can see below.  Two I made in preparation for students who are absent.  The other two I made for myself to stay organized!  I didn't think to label which cartridges I used for which folder but I do know I used Locker Talk, Doodlecharms, Plantain School Book, and Walt Disney Font.

Enjoy the photos!! I'm so excited to go to school tomorrow!!!!!