Somedays, I have every intention to update my blog.  Somedays I just don't have the energy to do so. Somedays, I just don't want to share the stories.  To be honest, I don't feel like I've had many successful stories to share.  Most days my students have left and I hang my head wondering if I am doing any good. I second guess most of my decisions because I feel like my aide doesn't agree with how I'm doing things.

Somedays I get spit on. Somedays I see lots of smiles. Somedays I do everything right for my kids. Somedays I do everything wrong. Somedays I can laugh at the end. Somedays I just cry.  Somedays I plan ahead. Somedays I just go home.

But someday.....one day...I will be a great teacher. I will learn how to always do the best thing for my students. I will do what I know is best for them, without care of what anyone else thinks. Someday...

And someday I'll get better at writing on my blog!  I'm hoping I can create some great materials over the summer and post more of my plans for next year ☺

Happy Teaching!