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june currently...[finally]

How embarrassing!!  It's June 13th and I'm finally getting around to doing my June currently.  Better late than never I suppose!

Listening - When I started this post husband man was listening to the Pens 24/7 Radio station on the iPad.  He's stopped...the only sound I hear now keys typing....ah! lovely <3

Loving - I crave sleep.  I need sleep.  I am a HORRID person when I do not have enough sleep.  ESY begins next week, but this week I have been home.  Baby Pup (who really isn't much baby anymore!) and I have enjoyed daily afternoon naps.  Probably my favorite time of day :)

Thinking- Well, at least I did it this month!! I missed the last...uhmm...three or four?? :(

Wanting- I recently stopped taking a medication which was prescribed to me from my doctor.  I did it for various reasons; maybe I'll write that post after nap time tomorrow!  However, the nasty side effect has been what the online community calls "brain zaps".  Never knew such things existed, but boy are they annoying, slightly scary, and frankly I'm ready to be done with them :)

Needing- Who doesn't need a little more patience??  Sometimes I'm just at the end of my rope with answering questions. Secondly, who doesn't want a little more sunshine??  I love myself tan :)  I will not go to a tanning bed any more....so when the sun comes out, this lady loves to soak it up!!

Vacation Essentials-  Which I get to leave for in 2 days :)  Family-in-law trip to Michigan!!  I bought one of those big southern straw hats....with a big black flower! I cannot wait to wear it.  I'll post a pic soon!  My camera.....it's a Canon D-SLR and I have one of those fantastic zoom lens.  Ah....best purchase I ever made on my own.  So glad to have it!!  A book...which means I need to go to the library tomorrow and check one out!!

Head on over to Oh'Boy 4th Grade with Farley to link up YOUR June currently....and to make me feel better about not being the last one!! :)

Happy {summer} Teaching!!