it's been a while...

Wow!  Full time teaching makes the weeks go by quickly!  We have been through multiple four day weeks and finally a full five day week last week!  I am fully exhausted!

Our State Tests begin the middle of March and I didn't realize the pressure that is on our erh my shoulders for these tests until last week.  "Make sure you cover this"  "Review that" "Oh you'll probably want to review this too"  Goodness!! I'm not sure I have enough time.  I feel like what I do most days is shove information down the kids' throats and pray them remember it!

I've been picking the brain of one of the sixth grade teachers.  She is a "green light classroom" teacher.  It's a different style of teaching and learning which focuses on the brain.  It's amazing the results she gets from her students.  I'm slowly trying to change into this style of teaching because I see the benefits of it.  Yes, it takes about twice the planning time for me to do an excellent job of it.  But even the few things I have tried with my students, I can see how they are retaining those things!

I thought I had photos to add, but I must have been thinking "Oh, I should take a picture of that and post it on my blog" and I haven't taken the pictures! Oh well!

I did create an ActivInspire presentation for Point of View and an accompanying worksheet if anyone is interested, comment with your email and I'll send you a copy!!

Happy Teaching!!

Oh, we adopted a 10 week old puppy two weeks ago :)  She's adorable but is not helping with my exhaustion :-D