middle of summer update...

More accurately, I should title it "middle of the year update", but we will go with it!

My regular school year ended on June 7th.  I had one week off, took a second week to go to Michigan with my family, and began teaching extended school year.  I taught a new group of students for two weeks. Tomorrow I will leave for training...more later.  When I come home, I will teach two more weeks, then have August to get ready for the fall school year to begin.

There is a structured method of teaching students with ASD that has been developed by the University of North Carolina.  It is called TEACCH! My company is sending me to this five day intensive TEACCH training....in North Carolina! Now, no beach for me this coming week, but I am so excited!  I feel like a real teacher.  I am going to have a specialized training to teach my kids!  I spent many days last year being told "you'll understand once you go to TEACCH"... Now I am going!

I have been told that I will be required to sign a 3 year contract upon my return.  While a few months ago I would have absolutely said no way....my heart has changed and I have settled.  I am planning to stay here for three more years.  I'll be offered many trainings, a lot of experience, and will be able to sharpen my skills.  I am tired of moving.  A friend was telling me the other day that I need to start making some decisions for just me.  This is one of them. I am going to sign the contract and not look at public schools for a few years. I want to focus on being a great teacher for these kids....not a half hearted one who is constantly looking for a way out.

It is crazy how much a few months can change your perspective ❤
Happy summer teaching!