march currently...

I am listening to a mix I called "Over the Rainbow".  Mellow songs given to me by a friend :)

I am loving the fact that I had an eye doctor's appointment.  We're discussing LASIK.
Plus I got to order new glasses....who doesn't love a new look?!

I am thinking about how I can make tomorrow better.  My students stretch me daily.
Most of the time I don't know how to handle their very autistic banter.
Nor do I quite know what to do with my student who is refusing to write anything....ugh?!

I am wanting to relax.  You know, massage, long bath, someone make dinner for me,
have an already clean house, quite time alone....that kind of relax.

I am needing to hold a baby.  My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first and a few
other people I know have had/are having babies recently.  While husband man and I
aren't there yet, I go through these periods when I just want to sit and rock a baby.
There is something that happens, I think it's "world stopping" and it gives me perspective.
Reminds me of the important things, you know?

My first name is Meghan.  So my like, love, and hate had to start with "M".  I like making food,
baking or cooking.  I love mellow music.  I am a bit of a music snob in that I am pretty picky
about the style of music I listen to when, but it makes me feel alive.  I hate Mondays.  Not because
I have to start another week at work, but usually with my students it is their worst day.  Every
Monday, I have to undo the weekend routine and reinstate the school routine.
They just end up feeling like terribly long days :)

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