a fifth grade request...

Being a newbie, my experience with children's literature (especially books beyond first grade choices!) is pretty limited.  My mind has been opened to this world of Magic Tree House Kids, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and a few other series, one of which is about Owls!  I am excited to be approaching our last Storytown literature theme!  It's a good curriculum, but I do believe the students and I are both looking forward to "What do we do after we're done?!"

Well, they don't know this, but I would like to do chapter book literature circles.  I have two main skill groups in my classroom; however, my kiddos have a wide range of independent reading levels.  I am looking to spend two maybe three weeks on one book.  I'd like to have at least three maybe four books going.  All of this is brainstorm in my mind.  I think they would really enjoy working in small groups and I know they have been requesting "chapter books"!

Do any of you followers (HAHA!!! I have followers!!! WAHOOO!!!) have any suggestions for my fifth grade class??

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