the new "normal"

Most days I still struggle with separating myself from my fifth grade school/class/experience.

But right now I've been blessed with a different kind of opportunity.  I have been given a short term sub position at an Autism Academy.  I'll be teaching a high school support classroom until Thanksgiving vacation.

However, partner teacher pointed out so kindly the other day, it is a charter school.  I knew it wasn't a public school but I didn't go as far into thinking about it as labeling it as a charter school.  So it's a new experience all around for me.

It's a very different environment and I'm starting to adjust to the new rules and systems.  I'm also learning when which kid really needs help and when they are playing the new teacher.  I struggle with juggling ten kids doing ten different things and some needing more motivation than others.

The cool thing is I'm giving some Key Math and DST Reading tests and once I figure out the paperwork I think I'll be good to go :)

Oh, tomorrow they go on their monthly field trip....we're going to play lazer tag and out for lunch!  It's gonna be a fun afternoon!!

Happy Teaching!

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