a new year dawns....

Oh how I don't like change.  Never have and I can't say that I ever have the desire to like it.  Guess I'm a little bit like my current bunch in that way.  January 3, 2013 is going to be so different than January 3, 2012.   I suppose it'll be okay.

I've seen these posts a few times and they look like fun :)  So I thought since tomorrow's going to be different...might as well start today and join my first link up :)  Currently....

That was fun :)  Maybe I'll stay on top of this and continue next month as well.  Happy New Year!

Link up with this awesome blog here:

Oh' boy fourth grade

Happy Teaching!


  1. Glad you joined the currently this month. They are always fun to participate in but even more fun to read what everyone else posts! :)


  2. I hope that 2013 is a great year for you!



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