a different kind of day...

I have been very blessed to be called into sub most days of the week :)  I do love teaching, and I have been in most grades from Kindergarten through 12th over this first semester of substituting.  I am thankful for the days that I have students to teach and interact with.

For the past two days, I have be subbing in a "Reassignment Center" which at my school is a very nice way of saying in school suspension :)  Thankfully there are no students in the center at this time (they must have been very good last week!) but at the same time, I'm now going on 15 hours of very little student interaction.

Thankfully I did have two students come down for some homework help during their studyhalls...I was probably way too excited to see them!  I have been purusing blogs and running out of teaching things to Google.

I want to become a "blogger" ya know, a real one that people follow because they share my belief in God, because they want to catch my passion for teaching (even on days when I don't have any students!), or because they love photographs and can't wait for me to post more!

Maybe a bit ambitious, but what are new teachers for??

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