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While teaching is currently my passion, I enjoy my digital SLR a LOT :) When I woke up this morning I had this inkling to choose my favorite photo from each wedding I've taken pictures at...just one.  It was hard!! Of course I stumbled across a few other events that I had to include.

These two are from my month in Haiti.  I love babies, and the
difference in skin color captures me!
My newborn nephew and my husband's hand!
Engagement Bliss :)  A favorite from my time with
Katie & Ryan...who will become husband & wife
next July <3
This is from a wedding in 2009...but her smile is so beautiful!

Bill & Whitney
This couple has a beautiful relationship and I love how she's
looking at him.  They truly are best friends!

Nick & Katie
If you knew Katie's giggle, this photo would come with sound!
This couple was married in a different state but came back to host
a reception for friends who could not make it out to their wedding!

Ben & Jill
What you unfortunately cannot see in this photo is the mass
amount of bubbles that were floating around them as they left!

Jon & Jenna
This adorable couple was married at the beach but had a fall reception
for their family.  I think this photo shows them as "them"....nothing fancy
just them enjoying each other :)

Jay & Sara
The reason I chose this photo from their June wedding
is because not many people saw this moment :)
They had walked back the isle (thank goodness for telephoto lens!)
and he swooped her around....it was beautiful!
Troy & April
Bless them it was such a windy October day,
but such a fun wedding!

While I did not take this photo...it is my favorite from  our wedding.
We had just walked back the isle at the end of the ceremony.  I think the word is
"giddy"  Thank you to Jan Theissan whose blog you can follow here

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