the end of 2011...

It seems to cliche to start a blog in January; to much like a resolution that I won't keep! So, I'll start in December.  I don't have a specific purpose or desire.  More of a place to write my thoughts that I know don't ultimately matter! haha

It's something that makes me feel happy!  Organization! The act of taking something that appears messy and creating lists, folders, and piles out of the mess. I do this to my physical desk as well as my computer's desktop. My once faithful laptop has become less faithful over the past year.  We have had our share of crashes, including two weeks before our wedding, missing files, and lost photographs.  Thankfully I have learned the benefit of an external hard-drive and all those offer!

I love photography :)  I will take photographs of anything that I can!  That creates a mess! There's not a great way to keep oodles of digital photos organized.  So a few years back I found my folder system for the folders.  At the end of each month (or two months...depending on my memory) I move the folder onto my external hard-drive, and hope that doesn't crash!  That is what I did today!  I moved my 2011 photo file onto the external hard-drive, rendering my laptop almost photo-less....but opening up the "my pictures" folder for the 2012 folder which now holds a folder for all twelve months of the coming year!! I cannot wait to fill them with the memories of next year!

Oooo and I cleaned out three of my four emails (email junkie, I know!) :) Husband is watching football....what else shall I do?!

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