a (not so) wintery day...

For four years I lived in a place that averaged 3 to 4 feet of snow in a few hours during a "normal" storm.  Prior to those four years I grew up in a place that would average 2 to 3 inches over night :-D Needless to say, snow is not my favorite (nor desired!) weather!  However, this year is odd; we don't have snow yet.  We've had a little bit (probably not even 2 inches total yet) and it hasn't stayed for more than a day and a half.  Christmas is two days away....doesn't it know it's supposed to be a WHITE not GREEN Christmas??  Oh well!!

I picked up the classroom key and teaching manuals on Wednesday for the classroom I am blessed to teach in January!  I have started to work on my lesson plans and am over halfway finished with those!  I am so excited!

I have a Cricut (college graduation gift from my family!) and a fair amount of cartridges to go with the machine.  I am really getting into it having this classroom now!  Once I have my little things finished, I'll post some photos!!  I'm waiting until after Christmas because I know of one certain cartridge (...Locker Talk...) that I am SO excited to open and play with!  Then I'll be able to finish some folders and extra things!

Here's to the next few days of being busy, full of love and family and praising an amazing Savior who was born, only to die and save me :)

Merry Christmas!

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