a few more days...

In less than one week I will be in 5th grade :-D  I am getting so very excited...and a little bit more nervous each day.  My plans are 98% complete; I need to make a few copies, and I have a "space ship" chair I'd like to get into the classroom before school starts again, but I think I'm ready!

I'm sitting bundled up (it snowed last night....just a tiny bit) because it is terribly cold today!  My husband man is playing a video game that I am enjoying watching.  We successfully purchased a mattress today....but I think it took all the energy I reserved after sleeping on our crappy mattress last night!

I got some very exciting Cricut cartridges for Christmas...I have a few things made, but want to make a few more things then I'll post some photos :)  I'm very excited to share my creations!  I think tomorrow may end up being a "leave me alone, I'm cricutting" day :)

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